With The Robert Taylor Group’s dedicated enrollment professionals, we strive to make the enrollment process as seamless as possible for our
participants. RTG’s enrollment professionals offer the following:

  • Call Center– Our technologically advanced call center is tailored to address your specific needs where we are equipped with resources designed to optimize your operations and to enhance your efficiency.
  • Face-to-face Employee Benefits Enrollment– RTG will meet with employees in person to discuss benefit options and assist in selecting the most appropriate benefits for their needs. During these meetings, representatives from RTG will guide employees through the available benefit plans, explain coverage options, answer questions, and help employee’s complete enrollment forms.
  • Zoom & Web-Based Enrollments– RTG utilizes Zoom, an online platform to conduct virtual meetings related to benefit enrollment sessions remotely. Employees can access online resources and learn about their benefits options and complete enrollment forms. RTG web-based enrollments involve employees accessing a secure online portal or website to review benefits information. Both Zoom and web-based enrollments offer flexibility and convenience.

Please contact The Robert Taylor Group directly to learn more about our Enrollment options.

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