Good Health


Thankful for Good Health
Being thankful for our health, however, means more than gratitude for being alive itself. On yet another level, it means appreciating the capacities allowed by our health – the cognitive ability to practice our profession and remember our children’s names, the physical ability to walk up six flights of stairs when the elevator is being serviced (or when we just feel like it). It’s the security of knowing we can travel to remote places and deal with whatever conditions we encounter. It’s the freedom to put on a pair of skates or skis and try something new without getting wrapped around fear of frailty. It’s about confidence that we have the strength to move most of our own stuff when need arises and take care of our children, tend to our property, and still have energy to enjoy something of everyday life.

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Wellness Screenings
With Colonial life a number of plans can be offered with a wellness/doctor office visit benefit added. 
What does that mean?That means when employees who own these plans visit doctors or have certain tests done they will receive a check directly from Colonial. 


Fun Thanksgiving Facts!

28% of Americans will have more than 12 people at their table
$50.11 is the average amount of money Americans spend for their Thanksgiving dinner in 2015
The average time spent cooking the Thanksgiving mean is 7 hours
The average time spend eating the meal is 16 minutes
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